POEM : Homo Fomo.

Humans; the Latin is homo
Humanity; a feeling we share is the one called FOMO
Fear of missing out
Feeling we all know about
The dreadful lurking horror
That life may have something morer;
An event we’ll forget about
Until Instagrammed later from friends who gotta post I tout, no doubt;
How it was so awesomeous lit
And none should have missed it, not one moment original minute or bit.
But you did, you missed the big thing
And everyone knows it, ya big ding a-long ding.

My little bro Jonny, big muscled blonde and best aerial shooter maybe
Was once a wee chunk of a big-headed baby
Who could totter and teeter and crawl and climb,
but he couldn’t walk, despite a mile-long smile sublime.

The older he got,
the more people thought,
“Will the boy ever walk?”
Mom, dad quieted this talk
informed the teachers and helpers and weigher-in inners
That he would stand tall and move
When he felt he was ready to groove.

He creeped and he crawled and he blubbered along,
his roll-poly body and gargantuan voice singing a song.
On four limbs he moved hominid style
Moving along though it took him a while

Was he developing correctly and quickly?
Probably not, I thought, my poor brother sickly.
He moves like a tired and crippled old horse
A horse with no legs or limbs, of course.
But someday, I knew and believed
He would stand up and commit to performing the deed;
The deed to propel him to succeed, to lead,
One foot and then the other in front of another.

And when that finally occurred
The memories of when he didn’t would be blurred;
None would care or bring to mind
The lateness with which he walked like the rest of childkind.

Did he miss out on those early years of tottering on twos?
Did it cause his future to have much to lose?
The things that we miss are a reality reel
And a reminder to simply enjoy the real that is the real deal;
To not dwell on what was wasn’t or where we weren’t,
But to be grateful for what we did actually experience and learnt.

There will always be lessons we learn very soon or too very late,
and sometimes it feels like ugly claws of fate, which we all often hate.

But we learn what we learn and we keep moving in a direction ,
Even if the direction seems wrong because of a poor people’s choice election.

We can’t be everywhere for everyone for everything and stamp every visa,
And we’ll likely never meet every girl with the middle name Lisa.
There’s stuff we’ll miss out on and that’s okay,
So better to try and simply enjoy every day.