POEM : Box isn’t dead yet, man.

To knock the box is common
Prolific form; the geometric norm of college dorm
Seasoned chicken ramen;
The opposite of sarcophagus holding Tutankhamun

When biz consultants diss,
They look at box and say what is this;
Think OUTSIDE it, Mr or Ms or Miss,
Stupid thing with their outside the box think
Is the idea that an interior box thought make an idea sink;
Make you sound smart to say ‘think outside the box,’ man
When what you should do is think outside, period; now that’s a smartman plan.

The rap, the bad kind boxes get,
The bit about sleeping in it
People throw fit, I don’t get,
Thousand buck for sleep mattress foam
Some fellas roam and make house for their dome with the box brown of a dozen recyclables for DIY home
Can they sleep deeper and avoid night terrors Sandman and Reaper?
Mattress versus Box, truly a Bat v. Superman deal
The mental equivalent question of a super delish homey cooked meal.
Who’s better and what’s best, the best place lest your undeads heads needs a rest?
Arrest you they might if your box is set wrong;
In front of a fire station, for example, they’d call you a ding dong.
But who is the bigger dong ding for money poor spent,
On a million dollar mattress, that’s where your retirement went.
Could you be happy with some bags or a box,
Or could you ever think it might rocks to think INSIDE the box?

When all flock to think outside,
Perhaps that’s the time to abide a Lou Reed ride on the inside side that’s so far inside you’ll have a cozy place to hide,

And to think, man, cause when mainstream is outside then outside’s the new inside and upside is the new down;
But don’t run from convention,
Just try a little internal infernal mental rearranging convention;

A promise to self; a mirrored look
That says whatever sleep nook or choices you took,
The deliciousness you cook or readings from book...

Let them be yours and thine own alone as you decide in your own personal brainial crainial throne.
Like what you like and choose what you will
It’s the joy of deciding yourself that will give you the thrill.

So when all are bashing the simple box,
Remember, that sometimes the inside of the box is simply what rocks.