POEM : Anna Wintour.

Green and red
go together, I said.
She looked and shook her head:
“No way, it’s May, Christmas is five months past dead.”

How about purple and pink? I said with apparent success.
Head shake no; “that is an earthquake of massive color mayhem messness.”
Should I roll my jeans up, or maybe my sleeves, I asked.
Was one of many stylistic queries to her I tasked.

Am I my brother’s keeper?
a question of which few are deeper.
It wonders of the responsibility we bear to those we adore
And how to help when their fashion sense is less not more.

To her the question was posed
A question straight on the nose:
Is your brother a fashion wreck?
No, she said firmly; not with me on deck.

She looked after my style,
For time, and times, and half a time, and then a little more while
All my life, from childhood little to childhood big,
She gave suggestions for style that people would dig.
Or maybe not dig, but at least not laugh at her brother,
It made another, her mother, the mom of my brother,
Happy to see; not happy to see her son fashionable,
But joyful to see her daughter’s positive actionable

To look out for each other is a parent’s dream
To watch your kids kind and get siblings’ backs
To know they’re in good hands with each other
In big things and little things too,

The important little things that preserve dignity
Building opposite of bickering enmity.
To help a brother out the door
With colour combos that don’t make an eye sore,
It was an ongoing battle
And again and again, she leapt to the saddle
“I’ll guide my bro,” she said.
“My big one, with colorblind eyes in his head.”

Thanks sis for the help in the pasted.
Some of your tips and suggestions might even have lasted.
You could have laughed with many others.
But you didn’t, and helped me keep some druthers.

Green and red, purple is tough
So many colours, pretty but rough.
Rough for some of us with the condition,
A little one no more I’m scared to mention,
That makes colors tough to see,
At least certain ones, for people like me.

So if you’re like me and some colours aren’t there to your eyes
And people inform you they are there, and make you surprise,
Then I hope you have a sister like mine,
Who can help bring out your own unique style divine.

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