Amy Adams.

“I really like the last name ’DiCapio,’“
he said.

“You mean ’Dicaprio’”
his sister asked from the back seat.
“As in ’Leonardo Dicaprio?’”

he said confidently.
“‘Dicapio.’ I really like that name.”

”Who have you known with that name?”
I asked.

He ignored the question and turned to her.
he said,
”look exactly like Sandra Bullock.”

I said, changing lanes and glancing in the rear view.

”Really?” she said, apparently uncertain of where he was going with this observation of his older sister.

he said, still addressing her.
”You look exactly like Sandra Bullock, except minus all the wrinkles.”

she said, smiling.

he added quickly,
”You also have a big fat beauty mark instead of wrinkles.”

“Thanks a lot!”
she said, or something of the sort,
and there was giggling, arguing, and possibly some physical altercation, so I went back to driving and NPR, where they were not discussing celebrities, but rather the fact that apparently Trump still thinks he shouldn’t face impeachment inquiries. I think he should. I bet Sandra thinks so too.