Close, closer, gone, but still in my heart.

I have told my siblings for years, for years :

Be where you need to be. 

Even if we go through periods of being geographically distant from one another, I would rather have physical distance than emotional distance. 

The two don't have to be related. Geographic distance with emotional distance. But you gotta fight, ya gotta fight for what's important. A little fight goes a long ways.

Of course there's a certain amount - a lot - that you lose with not seeing someone regularly. But I would rather support people I care about being where they need to be and doing what they need to do, even if it means giving them up, then have them stay geographically close just to stay safe and secure.

But man, man, man oh man it's hard some days.

Some days, some days are just harder than others when you miss someone.

That's circa 1994. Jonny's bigger and buffer and smarter and a whole long ways away now.

But we are still connected.