POEM : The wipers are broken.

Free yourself from intimidation,
The wise said with elucidation
‘Imagine that important person naked,
who has eaten a pastry that was baked.’

It is a leveler, a democratizer, an image of equality
That works magnificently, yet it seems to me,
to go one step more
And bring us to a similar level of floor,
We might also remember
That all, born in January through December,

Once wore diapers
And needed assistance from wipers
Or else they went naked and bare butted
Their dignity intact and ungutted.

But as the philosophy book reads
That begs and asks and pleads
To remember that everyone poops
Digesting what was ingested, from breads to broccolis to soups

drawing of hat-wearing woman holding purse.jpg

For every leader on high
Still lowers their fanny with sigh
And a grunt and a cough and a push and a toot
Whether delicate angel or big hairy brute.
They do what they must,
With no grumble or fusst.

A normal part of being
Like walking or breathing or seeing.
So if someone seems important and mean
Imagine them eating a bowlful of bean
And sitting later on their important throne
With a gasp, a sigh, and a moan

That is horrible to imagine, but sometimes you must
To remember that all are equal, and all turn to dust

We all once had diapers or something thereof
We were all once wiped and taken careof.

So be nice and stand proud,
Don’t be intimidated by those who are loud,
And remember that those who act like a grump
Still are human and make silly noises from their rump.

How to lounge.