Then everything goes downhill.

The day ahead. Full of opportunities for optimistic opportunists.

One will continue learning how to properly wave goodbye and say thank you.
Another will fine-tune parkour moves and essay thoughts into words about what it meant to be a woman in ancient Sparta.
And a third will follow a love of Hebrew and linguistics and plot a future travel course around the world.

Enveloping all these will ideally be a trifecta of love, insatiable curiousity, and humor. Ah yes, humor. My wife, the delectable @countessbecca, remarked this morn that

“... “Mornings are so full of hope and light. Then everything goes downhill.”

To be with people who can take life sincerely and seriously and love learning...yet also keep a lightness of heart and sharpness of wit and interest in poking fun at ourselves (i.e. me) when we get too preachy....that is a wonderful thing.

Happy Friday, Universe.