A letter to almost-big people.

Dear Almost Big Person, and Friends,

it takes a long time,
but finally you get there
and you realise

how cool it is to be big,
and then the nostalgia's
gonna kick in, kid.

ya still got a few moments of child-living left.
you're not all the way big yet.
but just about.

and when you're there,
all the way big,
you can eat popsicles whenever you want,
with your main peeps on each side twenty-four-seven;

that's how cool it is to be big,
today, ya just get one treat though,
cause you're not big enough for two.

enjoy that first one, don't ever forget it,
it'll be the best spinach-and-veggie popsicle your mama'll ever find ya.
and you don't have to do anything you don't wanna,

that's what it'll be like when you're all the way big.
but try to enjoy the journey for a tiny longer.

it ain't too good being little,
but it ain't all bad either.
there's a downside to getting big, maybe two:

ya gotta shower once a month or so,
or other big people get sore.

enjoy the bigness, and don't hurry it up.


A Really Cool Big Person.