King and Countess of Convenience.

Becca and I were watching an episode of Elementary after the children were in bed. We ate deep fat fried cheese jalapeño poppers, a remnant from New Year's Eve partying. This is what we consider a date night out. At least if we get through an episode without any children awakening or one of us falling asleep. Under these criteria, our date night was almost successful.

There was an idea thrown around in this particular program (S3E7?) about the choice of a life of convenience versus a life of adventure, and the ongoing battle between the two for certain types of people.

This is a short post, so I will end it here by saying this: I am one of those people.

I fight hard for an optimal balance of the two, and my fighting is sometimes successful, in the sense that the fight is the adventure and the occasional success is the convenience. Anyway.

Here I am, 41, running as hard now as a decade ago, except now I tuck the kids into bed, watch a little telly with my love, and then head down to my dark dungeon to work. That is part of the running hard: sitting on a hard chair under terrible lighting ruining my already rotten eyes doing work I should not be doing at midnight.

And that is part of the adventure, and the quest to build a slightly higher level of convenience for my family so that we may someday be able to embark on other adventures that are still yet dreams.