It was a dream.

I had a dream
that I would do something amazing in life

I had a dream
that I would marry somebody amazing

I had a dream
that our children would be healthy and hilarious

I had a dream
that I could dunk again

I had a dream
that I performed an amazing feat
and my wife was watching

I had a dream
that I woke up and
the dishwasher was fixed and
new floors had been installed and
the storm door opened and
the faucets were dripless and
the toilets flushed properly and
we could do dishes and shower simultaneously and
a tractor with a box and bucket was gift wrapped in the driveway and
the mailbox stood straight

and there was a new baseball glove under my pillow,
but I actually like my 30-year old one from my dad pretty well,
so I'm good there.

I had a dream,
and I have them,
and some I hold, and some fly away,

and the best I keep with me and try
to remember to whisper thank you.

So thanks for the ones that happened.
The best ones.



“There’s a guy at work I’m kinda becoming friends with. I don’t remember his name. But he’s balding, has a ponytail, and has a bunch of music posters and Beatles stuff around his cubicle so I kind of want to be friends with him.”

-a brother of mine