FILMS : Colonia.

If you feel like watching a mesmerizing thriller that will double your heart rate and increase your fury at the ways in which collusions of bastardized religion colliding with political power can be used to abuse, manipulate and control... Colonia.

Inspired by true events*; set in early 1970s Chile against the rise of the brutal Pinochet regime, it tracks a young woman’s foray into a cult to rescue her boyfriend.

After viewing, run to the internets for missing pieces. Chilling, horrific, mesmerizing. And relevant. Perhaps not the exact same scenario repeating, but the interplay between political and religious power and the pathology of following a charismatic tyrant is not exactly stuck in old history books.

Or, there’s always Beauty and the Beast. Emma Watson’s in that one too. Slightly different theme.


*I know, I know