OVERHEARD : the relative merits of using wastebaskets as urinals.

Merely a snippet of conversation I overheard on a totally normal day. I don’t remember any details about where this happened, so it must have been far, far from home and involving total strangers. Sorry I don’t remember any more details.

Would it be okay...
the boy asked politely,
...if I peed in a wastebasket?

replied his mother without pause; her response implying it may not have been her first time answering such requests.
...is gross.

So can I?
he asked.

No. It would make things smell bad. And...it's gross.
she said.

he said, slowly processing; his response implying it may have been his first, or hundredth time making such requests.
...so can I?

she said.


I'm sure the matter is settled for good. I'll always wonder.