Better late, and also I interpret the President’s speech.

What time does the eclipse start tomorrow?

Also, I listened to the President's speech while making supper. It's not word for word, but pretty close. Hope it's helpful in learning about the plan for Afghanistan and South Asia.

"America's enemies must never know our plans. There is a reason for this. I don't know our plan either, but I'll figure it out, and it will be a great plan when I do, and I will tell you, so everyone will know when I know - and follow me on Twitter, I'll update the plan there first, but in the meantime, because I don't have a plan, our enemies won't know our plan, because I don't have one, and I think that's a good plan, and rest assured that when we attack, and we WILL attack, it's because of my terrific plan.

So that's the plan, family - and rest assured, here in America, we are all a big family, and we have to remember that, and love is good, so no more hate, and by hate I mean no more hating good plans, because I make great plans, and we are going to have the best plan the world has ever seen, you can bet it's going to make history and it's going to be fantastic, and as I'm talking, a plan has come to me, and I can't go into details, but the enemy would not like it, not one bit if they knew, and excuse me while I end this speech and go share it to Twitter, and remember, do not let the enemy know about the plan, which is that they're going to lose very badly,

I mean really, really, really badly, and you can count on that. Support America, and the best way you can show your love and patriotism for this country is by supporting my plan and not hating my decisions and being unified in support for me and not Steve Bannon, so goodnight America and - what's that guy's name? Oh yeah, God. God bless America. Have a terrific night."