Hey Becca, it's your anniversary, and mine!

Messages I sent or conveyed to my bride on our anniversary:

We've been wed a while now. We should open that 20-year old can of Nuteena today.


Here's the plan: we listen to a bunch of ABBA and Judas Priest. And then wing the rest. #planner


In response to your upcoming inquiry: sadly, the answer is yes. The children DID get into the dark chocolate peanut butter cups you just got. I failed to stop them. I am so, so sorry.

P.S. The hashtag you invented is awesome.



If someone was to get you either a giant television OR a motorcycle today, which one would you most prefer? #hypothetical #ornot


I don't want to freak you out, but Costco has Christmas stuff out, and I'm afraid if we don't jump on it now, everything will be gone. Shall I grab an extra cart and throw in everything I can fit? I'll get some straps to tie down stuff on top of our automobile too. One fake tree, or three, just to be safe?

#holidaypanic #valentinesdayiscomingfast



Let's look for a new mother on Pinterest,
one child grumbled to another with wicked grin.

I said.


"Well-read people are less likely to be evil." *

So true, mostly. Doing our part to try and make the world less evil, along with the magnificent, personable Washougal Community Library. Thanks for being awesome and un-wicked.

*Mr. Lemony Snicket