GSE : The Way Life's Meant to Be.

Life* is filled with a curious and erratic pattern of planning and chaos;

the neat coexisting with the messy, and careful strategizing falling prey to unplanned ad hoc opportunities, adventure, and sometimes incidents disguised as setbacks.

But amongst the veering from one extreme to another, the question always has to be asked:

Are you ready to rock & roll through it all?

Are you gonna try to have fun?

You better.

I just added a track to my five-star songs list - it is a short list that gets perhaps a couple fresh additions a year. From the perennially underrated #ElectricLightOrchestra and Jeff Lynne from 1981.

"The Way Life's Meant to Be."

If you miss George Harrison, just listen to this already. I'm gonna go cry now. The good kind. Rock on, friends. I dedicate this post to three of the finest musicians of our time, Jeff Lynne, @jasonlytle , and @jmlongmusic .

Rock well, musicmakers.

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