Hey Becca, quick snack question.

In retrospect, I could probably have found a healthier mid-afternoon snack than a crammed fistful of two week-old crunched up sour cream & onion potato chips mixed in with salty peanuts and chocolate chips, but on review of my retrospect, I think I made a good decision. And dark chocolate is good for your heart, right? Don't be mad, I have been working too hard for our family to withstand your fury if I made an incorrect decision. If I could do it over again, I would definitely not consider making the opposite of what you would have not hoped I would do, or the other. Anyway, I will save some for you to try; I will try to anyway. The chocolate chips are gone though, as of five minutes from now. Sorry.

Trying to do the right thing,


P.S. it wasn't dark chocolate