Sparks, OMD, Men at Work, Boy at play.

I discovered Sparks last year, the two brother duo who has been crafting their unique brand of (mostly) electropop for 40+ years. All over the place. Still have no idea how they escaped my radar throughout the last couple decades. As a huge fan of Men Without Hats, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark, and plenty of other '80s synth outfits, it seems inexplicable that I wouldn't have stumbled across them. Their collaboration with Franz Ferdinand (concretely acronymed FFS) was a pleasant and odd little surprise that highlighted both bands' strengths magnificently.

Listen: Popular, Pulling Rabbits..., Johnny Delusional, Police Encounters

Anyway. Our home will be filled with as much love and as many books, art supplies, and musical instruments as we can cram in and that will get used. Never too young to start making noise. That's where melodies are born. We gotta get him a Moog or 808 next...

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