Hey Becca, should we get fit sometime (soon-ish?

Hey Becc,

Are you interested in doing one of those health things? Like no sugar for a month, that kind of thing? I was thinking we could maybe do it in December. I think it would really be good for us.

Not THIS December. But a December sometime, like some years down the road. It would give us a goal to work toward that could be, like, healthy, and it would be like a plan kind of thing that successful people do, like a TED Talk in action. I think the most important part really would be just the simple act of planning to do it together, and locking down a December. Not December of a particular YEAR, but for us to simply commit to doing it in a December at some point in SOME year. We could figure out what year soon. One step at a time, as Leo Marvin says. Anyway, I seriously feel better already having this all planned out, assuming you’re on board. So what do you say? No sugar for a week to be determined in the month of an upcoming December? We could totally do it. And even if we don’t do it, then just the goal-setting itself would be amazing.

I think it will be loads of fun, and we could have a lovely time together figuring out how to cheat. JK. Of course we wouldn’t include weekends (Thu-Mon) or holiday parties, and obviously sugar in a liquid form (e.g. pumpkin spice lattes) has most of the sugar heated out of it (basic science), so we wouldn’t need to ease back on that. Also, I committed long ago to a lifetime ban on not cutting out whipped cream or pumpkin pie during Thanksgiving through New Years, so that would not be included. It’s a promise I made to myself when I was a kid, and I wouldn’t feel right modifying it.

I think we could make this work! We might even inspire my brother Jonny to finally do something with his life and start paying attention to what he puts in his body. You never know how our actions might impact others. Anyway. Someday, but we can talk about it soon. Another day, another month. Whenever. Soon-ish.

Yours in health.