File under : wash hands, sneeze into elbow, say ‘thank you.’

There are two types of people:

those who make food, and those who wait for other people to make it.

Also, there are those who snitch food while it's being made. If you're going to do the third, then you better be doing the first.

If you've been in the second category historically, what better time than now to start the first? Throw on an apron and at least sous-chef your way through chopping up some walnuts for that pumpkin surprise. It's amazing how much fun it can be with a full kitchen of apron-clad bakers and cooks of all ages making merry. And making food. And making a mess.

Also, word is that Thanksgiving Day, 12 noon is the kickoff for legal holiday music. Mazel tov, and remember to pick up a knife and help out. Or spatula.

Never too young to help out.