Do you know what would be really scary?
he asked us from the backseat as we drove through the dark forest.

we all mumbled.

What if...
he continued.
What if you were the only person living in the world, and it was always dark? Like pitch black dark?

That would be scary,
we all agreed.

And what if...
he continued:
There were no stores, or houses, or anywhere to stay or get food?

Very scary.
I agreed.
And if there was no light, then nothing would be able to grow.

he agreed.
And there wouldn't be any animals. And nobody else would have lived before you, so nobody would have invented anything.

That is sad and scary,
I said.

And what if...
he continued.
What if you were stuck on a cliff too, and the only thing you had to eat was grass, in the dark?

I would probably walk off the cliff.
I said.

he said.
Too bad, but I forgot to say that you would also be paralyzed.

the rest of us murmured amongst ourselves as I deftly navigated our motor vehicle through the thick night woods.
This is getting dark.

he said.
And plus you'd be hanging by a rope from the cliff, so it would be pitch black and you'd be the only person in the world and you'd be paralyzed, and maybe you'd be bald.

This is stressful just thinking about.
I said.
I'm going to have nightmares tonight.

he said.
Maybe you'd also have a phone.

I said.
There wouldn't be any satellites or service or other people to talk to.

He pondered very briefly.
There might not be any other people,
he began.
But you could use the phone to call Jesus and talk to him and ask for help.

What a great idea!
I said.
That is beautiful!

he exclaimed.
...you're paralyzed, so you wouldn't be able to pick up the phone.

Your scenario,
I said.
is truly dark. You have a lot of stories in you.

Happy Easter.

May you always have someone to talk to, regardless of mobility, lighting conditions, or access to technology.