But at least.

in the last 72 hours…

I got woken up 37 times by three various children during the night…but at least a jet didn’t fall on top of our house.

I got stung by two wasps…but at least there weren’t three.

I got caught in a hailstorm…but at least it wasn’t a tornado.

And then…

I re-ruptured my calf muscle…but at least I didn’t tear my Achilles’ tendon.

I broke a vintage-ish green water glass in the kitchen at 3am…but at least it wasn’t my beloved Wonder Woman coffee mug.

I incorrectly hooked up the battery to my wife’s car…but at least it wasn’t the engine.

I stepped in water while wearing socks…but at least I didn’t step on a framing nail.

I got thrown up on by a child…but at least I didn’t get pooped on by a child.

And then…

I got pooped on by a young child…but at least I didn’t get pooped on by an old man.

I walked around all day with a hole in my sock…but at least I had shoes.

I didn’t get to watch episode 2 of Watchmen…but at least I got to see episode 10 of Handmaid’s Tale (season 1).

And then…


I had to go into Portland to get my phone battery replaced…but at least I got to see my sister-in-law and chit chat for a while.

Which made my trip worth it. She is a lovely who brings joyful energy and spirit in what feels like inexhaustible supply. When we parted ways, she was heading into a secret department store to buy a secret item for one of my brothers; a brother I am not confirming she is married to, but also not denying.