CONVERSATIONS. Christy the Barber and cheap movies.

So what are we doing?
she asked, clippers at the ready;
we made eye contact in the giant mirror as she stood behind me.


I said.
I'd like some hair cut off. On the sides, and maybe top, and I was thinking of having you make me look cool. Can you do that?

She laughed.

Yep. We'll start with a four-inch and see how that looks.


I said.


Doing anything fun this summer?
I asked.


she thought carefully.
Watch movies. And my granddaughter is ten months old and I love seeing her a couple times a week. She's so cute. She's standing up now, and saying 'mama' and she'll be walking anytime.

So fun to see them learn new skills!

I said.

And my best friend's moving up from Texas.

she said.
So I'm excited about that. She moved down there so her kids could be closer to their dad. But she couldn't stay. So she's moving back, and her daughter has already been texting me asking if I'll do her hair. She wants to go pink. I said 'fine by me, is your mom cool with it?'

That's great,

I said.
I bet you'll enjoy having your friend back. What do you like doing with her?

Oh, let me see...

she thought.
Mostly hang out, and we watch movies. Yeah, stuff like that.

Any good movies lately?

I asked.

She thought deeply.

No...I can't remember the last one I saw in the theater.

She lowered her voice.

You know, I found this website online where you can watch movies for free. It's great.


I said.
For free?


she said proudly, as she snipped away.
Like the movies that are still in the theater. It's way cheaper than paying to go see them. I don't remember what I've seen. I've got, oh, let's see, Netflix, Hulu, all those, plus this website where I watch movies in the theater. I don't remember what I've seen though. I like everything. Except scary movies. My son won't sit next to me in the theater during a scary movie because I'm so loud. I get scared at everything. So I watch the scary movies at home. In my living room.

For free?

I said.


she laughed.
For free! It's so much better that way.


I thought about asking for a free haircut, as I would prefer that as opposed to paying for it, but decided as she was halfway done, it might not be optimal timing. And when she did finish, I forgot to ask.

We spoke of other things, including allergies and how to handle customers who have gross hair. But that's for another time.

And she did make me look cool. Sort of cool. Thanks Christine.