Home ownership, hard
It is codependency
Don’t leave, always work

Sometime sadness is crippling
Or trying to be
No luxury of letting it; taking a break and letting it take you out
When you’re a parent.
Trying to put one foot in front of the other
And find things to look forward to, which has always been a forte.
Trying to climb out,

But it’s so hard sometimes to find a faint sparkle down the road of hope that things can change for the better.

When you’ve been trying so hard for a decade and so little seems to have mattered,
If I did something or didn’t.

To help others achieve goals,
lasting friendships,

to have invested in those for others and know I was a part,
it does mean something, but I am selfish too

to be remembered,

fought for,
invested in,

to be continued.


Fake it til you are it.


Deep breath.

Ready set go.

I'm still walking. Or running. I can collapse or walk, so I will run. Prefontaine.

Love you, universe.

Part of the time anyway.

I'll fake it until I can love you wholeheartedly and sincerely again.

Until then...

I will fly with duct-taped wings and fifteen-year old running shoes on the ground.