My wife and William Wallace.

Oh no, are you gonna make it?
she murmured,

and bent over, in the downpour as we enjoyed a wet walk, to retrieve a baby worm in the middle of the road.

There you go,
she said,
as she gently moved him* to safety in the bushes.

This precious baby worm will likely be eaten by an aggressive and starving baby bird soon, but its death will mean something greater, as opposed to ignominiously getting run over by a truck.

A few more hours of life and the opportunity to die a hero's death later in the day. Because of one person. One woman. My wife.

Our children are so lucky to be raised by this human. Countess Becca, I still like you very much most of the time and am honored to be alongside to document your greatness.

I don't know if you're the best, because I haven't met everyone in the world, but you're definitely pretty good.

Thanks for being you. The world is brighter and certainly much more fun in the areas you inhabit.



Other Mother’s Day communiques I sent here and there and almost everywhere.

Dear Mom,

Thank you for passing along your love of people, stories, music, and adventure to me and all your children. You make the universe glow brighter every single day. Love ya!



Dear Vicki,

Thanks for being a wonderful mom, mama-i-l, grandma, killa cook and baker, and fun human being, love ya lots V!



Dear Jeffrey,

So many of my favourite people to celebrate today...yes sir, you are in good company, and so are they. You're a gem, Jeffrey, hope today's been dandy all the way around and that at least a sliver of it got saved for some super special JT birthday singsonging and such. Incidentally, it just struck me that we have known each other for nineteen years now. Whoa. Thanks for being you and I demand you continue doing so for many years to come. All the best, Jeffrey, happy birthday!