WILL THE FILM : hey dad, can I borrow your wallet?

Hello father,

I noticed that you haven't donated to our film project yet, so if you want to send me your credit card info, I can quietly make a substantial as-yet-to-be-determined pledge in your name. Would you prefer it be a three digit or a four digit number? (To the left of decimal point, obviously).


Actually, I think I have an iPhone shot of your card info, so I can go ahead and take care of it. Unless you want to do it yourself, which is fine, as long as it's in the next hour. I'll proceed on my own with your pledge if you haven't by 10pm.

Also, I have Uncle James's bank account info as well and will do the same. It's for the best, and thank you both so deeply.

As always, your trust in me is hilarious and adorable.