This is a short film we're making, alongside my brother Jonny Long and his company, Fly View Aerial, and Portland filmmakers Dennis Mulyar and Ian Midura. We've been developing it for six months and are ready to move into production in September (next month!). Our Kickstarter campaign launched this morning; in the first eight hours we've had almost 100 backers pledging a total of over $3,500. Every little bit counts, even a dollar at a time. If you're able to contribute, support, share, etc., we would be so appreciative!

Kickstarter link: Will the Film

This little film with a big heart means a great deal to us and the surrounding Portland and Vancouver communities. We also know that it has the potential to reach and impact a much greater and global community, as this coming-of-age story* highlights one particular father-son relationship that has lots of laughs and a lot emotional heft, as they navigate their way through life playing basketball, fighting fires, and planning for the future.

Until the future changes suddenly.

(watch the video below for a synopsis, or jump to the text below)

"Will" is a short film based on real people and events. We've been developing it for the last six months and are moving into production in September of 2016. It is a humorous, thought-provoking, coming of age story about the often hilarious relationship between a determined boy and his charismatic, eccentric firefighter dad as they shoot hoops and argue about the future.

Until the future throws a curveball.

This little fictional film has a giant heart. It is based on the life of Gregg Roberts, a firefighter, father, friend, and coach to many. Gregg's big personality and stature, coupled with rambunctious humor and tender spirit, have influenced countless people in his wide-ranging circle, most notably his family, his firefighting comrades, and his friends.

In 2014, Gregg's life was taken tragically and suddenly. This tiny film is meant to shine a spotlight on one of the most important aspects of his life: his relationship with his family, specifically, one of his sons. Although based in reality and about a specific father and son, the themes are universal: the joy, tribulation, challenge, and fantastic reality of a parent and teenage child navigating life together, often in disagreement, always in love.

Through this campaign we are hoping to raise the funds needed to get this film done the right way. We want to honor the Roberts family and others who loved Gregg and love the Roberts family. It’s our hope that this little film with a big heart will bring laughter, joy, and thoughtful reflection to your lives.

We are passionate about this project and are confident in its ability to keep viewers entertained with the frequently comedic relationship between a dad and son, while also leaving the opportunity to be inspired, to think deeply about relationships, and to enthusiastically cherish every moment.

With a little over a month until principal production, we are primed to do this story and project justice with a long list of established creatives signed up to contribute their talents. In order to produce this at the quality it deserves, we need your backing and support.

Please consider helping us in whatever way you can to make this film a reality. We can't thank you enough!

*written by yours truly :)