UPDATE : Jeremy is fine...he'll be fine.

A lot of you have been asking what’s going on with my brother Jeremy - or as many of you know him professionally, J.M. Long. The short answer is: he’s okay.

It’s not my place to tell you exactly what’s going on. Even though many of you stay up to date with what’s happening via my communiques, it’s still something I exercise the greatest discretion with:

passing along info about his life that’s not my business to pass along, such as the amazing thing that happened to him this week.

Or rather, the amazing thing he got. But I can’t say anything about it. It’s not our business. If he wants to share it with you, then he certainly can, and he should.

It’s big, and will have a big impact on him both personally and professionally. I have never thought of him as a pilot, and I’m not saying it has anything to do with aeronautics*, but connect the dots. If you want to get from Point A to Point B, or to any points between, then you’ll need to travel there using some form of transportation, especially if you’re a musician and have a tuba or keyboard.

But I really can’t say any more. It is crazy how big those Boeing 747s are, and again, I have never seriously considered the idea of him being a pilot, but if that was a dream of his, then I would tell him that was a good dream. To my knowledge though, I don’t think that’s a dream. If it is and he tells me, I will write immediately about it and post it here, unless he asks me not to; in that case, I will merely drop hints while giving no solid clues whatsoever, other than it having something to do with dreams and the Wright Brothers and my brother Jeremy.

So if you go to one of his shows - he’s got a bunch of shows coming up on the West Coast - then make sure and ask him about what’s been going on this week. It is not my business and that’s why I am saying nothing.

You definitely want to know, so just ask him, and maybe he’ll send you a picture of him driving it.



*it does not have anything to do with aeronautics