In an attempt to be less of a hypocrite.

I am going to follow through on a statement I made over two years ago, which was that if 45 ever did something in office worth commending, I would do my best to judge his actions and decisions on a case by case basis and give him his due. Well, his record has been even more abysmal than I thought, but I will acknowledge that he has been willing to make positive steps in rethinking prison reform and sentencing. I would love to think that prologues a significant change in heart and mind.

My hopes are low and my expectations realistic. But give people their due where and when you can. That’s a good life lesson.

Also, our two-year old has a crush on Nancy Pelosi.

Now back to big wall bragging and disaffection for investigations that might compromise “...working together and truly making America safe.”

Grateful for the women, many of whom are in the Chamber tonight, who have used their considerable intellects in defense of this country and her ideals - and given my daughter, nieces, and all the next generation women to look up to and learn from. Intellect, character, heart. Thank you.

Toddler-age boy pointing to Nancy Pelosi on the television screen