Les voiceover artiste.

One of my favorite things right now about a certain child of ours is how he narrates everything happening around. He’s fighting mightily to pronounce new words, bring fresh language to his dialogs, figure out ways to verbally articulate himself and…

…I love it. One of the ways he practices is in describing an incident he sees happening. For example, Person A crosses room.

He turns to Person B, who is also present in the room, and says something along the lines of:


That’s the reality; the objective statement of concrete actions. What I love almost more is what comes next: the conjecture.

“The boy…is…going..to eat…food.”

Followed by the sudden realization that his conjecture was a great idea for his own next activity. At this point, he defaults to the power of repetition.

“I…need…food. I need food. I need food. I need food! I need food!! I NEED FOOD! I NEED FOOD!!!!!!!”

The power of language. May we model it well for our children.

Blond boy carrying bucket outside