Hey Becc, there's nothing to worry about, except possibly death.

Hey Becc,

Per our recent discussion, I wanted to remind you that I will likely be starting ice climbing this winter, if there is ice in the right places, and if I can buy a rope. Or there’s an old rope in the pasture that I could probably use if need be. It has goat poop on it - and it might be closer to twine - but I think it would work, especially if I lose fifteen more pounds, which I might do because I’d like to be able to climb a wide variety of ice, including the dangerous ice where you die if you’re over the weight limit, or have a bad rope, or there’s not enough ice.

I wanted to clarify that I am NOT planning to do it professionally at this point ever, for awhile. It will be a hobby, probably, assuming I love it and am adept at it, and if there’s ice. I’ll let you know when I start, it’ll be a little while off, but if you could pick up some rope and maybe crampons and axe somewhere sometime, that would save me a trip into town, which is the opposite of the direction of where the ice I’m looking for will probably be.

Thank you, and I will take a lot of selfies for you, once I am certain it is reasonably safe to do so, or as long as the rope is decent. I can just start with the one in the pasture and work my way up to something safer. Anyway, thanks and bye. If you wanna go sometime after I learn, let me know. I’ll buy you a rope.

- Joseph