Confidential information (most likely it would just be a simple torture).

I met with my brother Jeremy (pictured in the Walt Disney t-shirt), earlier and he told me something that he wasn't going to tell me, but did.

He didn't want to


to tell me, but he knew it was the right thing to do and his hand was forced, through something else that occurred via another party that I also cannot talk about. It had nothing to do with me, but it had everything to do with how I would respond to the information he gave me. There was a long list of stipulations given regarding how I would handle the information I was given.

From a technical and legal standpoint, the stipulations were given to someone else and were not originally intended for me. Through a series of happenings I cannot - and will not - detail here, I came to be in possession of this information, and it was important to him that I understand the ramifications of this information getting out anywhere else, and why it was important that it go nowhere else.

After he told me, it all made sense, and it would to you as well if I told you. But I can't. You'd understand if you knew what it was.

Again, I can say nothing about the information, or why I came to know it, or what it means, but it is extremely interesting and shines a light on certain figures and situations I cannot name, and it would completely shatter certain ideas you've had about certain things. For unnamed reasons, I cannot say who the figures are that are involved, or what other individuals also possess this information. Jeremy entrusted me with this information because he knew I know how to keep a secret and would give nothing away about what it is, but trust me, if you had any idea what it was about you would wish you could know, but unfortunately you can't because it would complicate your life to even have a clue.

In many ways, it would be better if you had no idea this information even existed. The fact that you know now is intended to protect all parties involved, including yourself. This way,

you can know that you don't know, rather than being unaware of not knowing.

If there is ever cause for you to be tortured to get this information, then you can get through it by simply being honest and saying "I don't know! I know there's something I don't know, but I don't know what it is!"

But the thing is, trust me, if you ever find yourself in a life or death situation where somebody is trying to find out this information, it's much better for you that you know there's something you don't know, because it will be much more believable if you're undergoing severe interrogation or torture to acknowledge that there's something about this information that you wish you knew, but that you simply don't, instead of simply screaming over and over again "I don't know what you're talking about!" This way, you can truthfully scream "I know there's something I don't know and I'd tell you if I knew, but I honestly don't!"

At a certain point, they will start believing you because your voice will have the weary ring of truth, if you're still able to talk. When they're done, you will feel better knowing that you did not give anything up, because you couldn't, and

the incredible feeling you will have over preserving your non-knowledge will be much more meaningful to you than the fleeting irritation of physical discomfort. 

Except, of course, if that physical discomfort involves having fingernails yanked out or limbs cut off. If that happens, there will probably be some physical pain whose effects don't go away immediately. But that's not likely to happen. Most likely it would just be

a simple torture

and then you'd be done and free to go on doing whatever you were doing before. If you knew the information I know, and that Jeremy knows, and that other individuals whom I can't divulge know, then the pressure - and physical pain - would be too great and you would likely give up the information and


you would have the psychological trauma of having betrayed the information you were entrusted with.

The fact that you are reading this probably puts you in danger, if - IF - there were parties who were desperate to learn the information Jeremy shared with me. I cannot even confirm or deny whether or not this information would be of interest to parties such as the ones described above.

Sadly yet fortunately, I cannot say whether this information is big information or little information, or whether it's important or trivial, or whether it has anything to do with national security, or if it doesn't. I cannot say any of those things, because that would be saying too much. So

if you are approached about divulging this information, simply let what is going to happen,

because you honestly do not know anything, and you can be grateful for that.

Also, we talked a bit about the difference in band histories of Kings of Leon versus Arcade Fire, and the one thing I will say is that the information I can't talk about has nothing to do with either of them. I probably shouldn't have even said that.

Enjoy a pleasant evening, and remember to smile, whatever happens, and lock your doors. And be grateful you don't have the information I do.