Ten haiku on a Friday night.

Woke early, no kids.
Well, sleeping kid next to me.
Pee spot on bed, gross.

Please, please, keep sleeping,
I whispered; all of you kids, sleep!
Prayer answered, No!

Up they awoke, loud.
Day begun, no quiet time.
Wife to work, take me!

Breakfast, make it kids!
I yell. Not joking, do it!
Then chores, I scream loud.

School starts prompt at nine.
Noah, math, astronomy.
One kid naps with books.

Bartok plays background.
I still like Liszt a bit more.
Hungary music.

Snack, snack, a boy cries.
Okay, frozen bananas,
and some peas too, there!

Toronto stole bro.
No talk all day, busy man.
Change phone number, sad.

Becca calls, mid morn.
Eating snack, more leftovers.
Someone else's food.

Sunny, play outside
clean garage, Rachel call, feng shui.
Jim, Susan driving.

They eat with us, curry!
Photos from Iceland and more.
I want vacation.