A day, a Sunday.

We slept in a rest stop.
The stars were like little fish. I thought of Courtney Love and Ejvindr and I walked at 1am looking at semi trucks. His toots the last 24 hours are the worst I have ever experienced from a toddler.

We ate at Elmer’s. Becca ordered us something, because she is good at ordering things, and I WhatsApped with Lanessa, still in Scotland, and we spoke of her influence on my use of the word ‘amazing’ and how it has affected my approach to conversational linguistics.

What Becca ordered was good, I think, but I don’t remember much of it because five bites in, I took Ej out to change a diaper that cracked his top ten all-time worst. He read an Eric Carle book while I held his ankles in the air with one hand and used nine wipes on his putrid behind with the other.

It was an egg thing. With English muffin or something. It probably was good. I had two and half cups of coffee that I didn’t especially enjoy either. My palate was a bit corroded after the diaper change.

The sun made this part of earth hot. We drove to Coeur D’Alene lake, whereupon we paid two dollars for parking and walked through a nice downtown park. I sliced apples and grumpy children ate hummus. Yes, grumpy children on vacation. How could it be? Yet it was. Possibly affected by two factors (see below).

A visit to Target that did not yield exactly what their hearts desired,


The quantity and quality of sleep experienced the previous precious night. See: rest stop.

There was Dutch Bros iced coffee in there at one point, thanks to my father, although by the time he delivered it to us, there was no longer any ice. #idiot

If the third from the Third Triumvirate had been present - Rachel - we would have skolled, despite the icelessness.

Becca and I failed to do so, provably because of the general feeling of malaise brought on by the relentless onslaught of #grumpychildren.

I thought about my general feelings on desolation and the geographic factors affecting loneliness as we drove through the sweltering Utah - Idaho? - forested hills. I expressed some of these thoughts to Becca, who listened politely until accidentally falling asleep.

Songs of note today:
Red Trails / Fever Ray
Rocket / Albert Hammond, Jr.
Ice Cream Van / Glasvegas
Home / Xavier Rudd
I Stand Corrected / Vampire Weekend

We saw people. There’s a lake. We ate food.

People sleep. Which is why I now am able to write this outside on a deck underneath hot fishie stars and listen to people snore and...smell the worst odor ever. Yes, it is our son, and he smells like an upside down port-a-pottie. Sweet dreams.