Jesus walks to the crazy train, all aboard / J.M. Long promo vid.

Did I drive my children to a summer Bible program and introduce them to Kanye West on the way there?

Afterward, when the attire of a teenage volunteer came up at this event and the kids were asking who Black Sabbath was, did I then segue to a sonic blast of

Ozzy's Crazy Train,
Sabbath's Paranoid,
Zeppelin's Immigrant Song,
and then Trent Reznor / Atticus Ross / Karen O's rendition of Immigrant Song?

Umm, maybe.

Our youngest thinks I look pretty awesome on the air guitar. I've been waiting decades to have someone look at me like that.

I think Jesus would have a good time laughing with me, and sometimes at me. And I think he'd like me. I like him.


My bro Jeremy "J.M.Long" Long has a new single out today.

I did an unasked for, totally unlegal promo for it.

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