I peered closer at my phone screen, and the new freshly-installed page of apps:

Hebrew Bible
Bilingual Bible (Hebrew, 2nd version)
Bible - Hebrew (3rd version)
Mango language - Hebrew
Hebrew Dictionary
Hebrew Bible (4th version)
Hebrew KJV Bible (5th version)
Holy Bible (just...English?)
Nemo - Hebrew
Nemo - Greek
Nemo - Arabic
Lonely Planet - Asia
Messianic Jewish Music
Shabbat Alert

Does not include the reams of Google Docs filled with carefully-typed Hebrew and Greek translations and interpretations of the Book of Daniel.

I cannot be completely certain which child is behind the appearance of these on my phone, but I have a notion which child I will commence conversations with concerning the matter. Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah!


And you must simply take a listen to Loretta Lynn’s cheery, unapologetically twangy, and beautiful White Christmas Blue album from last year. Fantastic.