Heroes and villains : James Comey and the other guy.

You don't have to like him.
You don't have to agree with his judgment or decision-making.
You don't even have to agree with some of his interpretations.

But do his responses so far indicate someone with an interest in facts, appropriate transparency, and an unequivocal, unswerving interest in protecting the United States and the offices sworn to protect it and its bedrock principles?

Yes. Absolutely yes.

When someone welcomes the release of potential recordings of their meetings, a priori and carte blanche, it says, to me, a great deal about that person's relationship with truth and integrity.

I remember watching the Iran-Contra Hearings when I was ten or eleven. Didn't follow a lot, but they helped ignite a lifelong interest in government, the investigative process, the pursuit of facts and/or truth, and the use, misuse, and abuse of language.

Someday, our children, all of ours, will be reading and studying THIS point in history in their schooling. Not as current events. History. And it's happening right now. Just like every story, there's gonna be heroes, there's gonna be villains, and there's gonna be those caught somewhere in between.

I hope there's a good ending.