Enthusia (three cows and a bear).

he screeched from the backseat.

I responded immediately, pulling over a half mile down the road.

What is it?
I asked.


I said.
Are you sure?!

Pretty sure!
he said enthusiastically.

Let's go find it!
I said more enthusiastically.

I carefully maneuvered a seven-point turn and U-ied around, trying to keep our speed to under 15 miles per hour on the backwoods highway; a decision not all in my rear view mirror were thrilled with.

he gasped enthusiastically.

I wrenched the wheel over and gently sloshed through the puddles, onto a wide shoulder, adjacent to a fence.

Pretty sure I saw it over -
his eyes alit.


He pointed.

I looked.

I said enthusiastically.
That is a black creature!

I know.
he said, not without enthusiasm.
Because it's a black bear.

I said.
It almost looks from here like it could be...something else! Let's get the binoculars out!

We pulled them out, and I quickly racked focus to check out the hulkian predator lurking in the farmer's field off yonder.

I think -
I began...

And the binocs were enthusiastically departed from my grasp. He fitted them to his eyes, checking both ends to ensure proper functionality, before settling on the smaller end to inspect in detail.

I think...
he said, setting them down.
...that it's definitely a bear.

Do you think,
I asked.
there's a possibility they might be cows? There's four of them all laying there along the edge of the forest...or do you think they're all bears?

That's what I was thinking!
he said enthusiastically.
Except I think maybe three of them are cows.

He gently ripped the binoculars off the seat and thoroughly inspected the scene again, setting them down four seconds later with finality.

he said.
I was right. Most of them are cows.

Are you sure?
I asked cautiously.

he said.
I'm pretty sure three of them are cows.

And the other one?
I asked.

That one,
he said enthusiastically.
Is definitely a black bear.

I asked.
You're thinking that the black bear is hanging out, just taking a nap with those three black cows? Kinda funny, how they all sort of look like cows from here!

I know!
he said enthusiastically.
They all definitely look similar!

I said.
That is one of the coolest things I've seen.
Three cows and a bear napping together.

I know,=
he sighed enthusiastically.
Can we go look for some salamanders now?

I screeched enthusiastically.