We climb a big rock with a Florida friend.

Couldn't pass up the chance to take a quick jaunt up the Rock with our Florida bud in town for a few days.

He was very surprised to find no alligators 850 ft up*.

Beautiful as always. Met two people the whole way. Thanks Chance from Iowa for the pic. (Beacon) Rock it, world.
Also, my brother @jmlongmusic spent the duration of the short trek trying to convince the children he had built the rock.

He and Ryan (that Florida guy) are recording music this week and I will say here and now: you're gonna wanna hear it. So good. 

And speaking of so good: Seven peeps, if you wanna hear a mesmerizing remix of an old classic: David Crowder and Bill Gaither joining up for a handclapped version of Because He Lives. So good.

#columbiagorge @jmlongmusic#44pacificnwplaces #hiking#beaconrock #pnwonderland#44music *he did not say this. but I imagined that he might be thinking it, which would be abnormal thing to think, I think.