In this miserable world, there is one thing that brings me joy. That's about it. That one thing is my mug. My beautiful, powerful Wonder Woman mug that I drink coffee out of every morning. It starts off the day with a brief moment of sunshine before the eclipse of reality smothers the light.

That brief moment of sunshine was ripped away from me a short while ago.

"What mug do you want?"
she called from the kitchen, a worthless question if there ever was one, as she knows the answer to that as well as she knows the twenty-fourth President of the United States, which is to say she knew the answer well.

"The usual,"
I said, wondering at her odd and ridiculous question.

As I glanced over my to-do list for the day, I knew that hope would die the further the day lived, but that I would put one foot in front of the other, slap on a brave face, and fight forward for tiny joys on behalf of my family, and I knew I would be able to do so because of the undying optimism Wonder Woman represents. My morning coffee, held secure in my Wonder Woman mug, would give the fortitude to move ahead just a little bit and delude myself that the world would be right soon.

"Here you go, Dear,"
she said with a strange lilt in her voice as she confidently catwalked toward me, arm outstretched with mug...

...a mug with these stupid little leprauchans* dancing around. Def not Wonder Woman.

"What the?..."
I trailed off as I watched, in slow motion, as her other arm swooped up from her side, carrying coffee to her mouth, where she delicately slurped it grandiosely with Derek Zoolander flourish.

The coffee being carried in a mug to her mouth.

A Wonder Woman mug.

MY Wonder Woman mug.

"Give to to me NOW!"
I snarled gently, and went to grab it.

"You HAVE a special mug,"
she said rudely, shoving me across the room with great fury.
"It says 'snap crackle pop.' Reminded me of the sounds your body makes."

The interchange continued for many seconds, and in the end...

...Wonder Woman is still being held hostage. The world is truly upside down, my heart is hard, and all hope is shattered.

Have a great Friday, everyone. Enjoy it while you can. Sooner or later your mug will be brutally ripped away from you in a violent act of betrayal by someone close to you.


*sorry Sasha 😬