Go listen to Jeremy M. Long or Bon Iver, preferably Jeremy.


You know you want some bouncier Bon Iver to get through the winter, which has come. Go give this a spin. It's just a teaser, so if you don't like it, you will still have the majority of your life left to encourage Jeremy to make better music. But if you do like it, which you probably will, as you should, then you will be giving yourself a pre-Spring Break treat by listening to it now, instead of wasting a bunch of your life not listening to it, and someday wishing you had. So really, the best thing you can do, selfishly, for yourself, is just click on this and see if you'll like it. Betcha you will. And if you don't, in the immortal words of Ricky Gervais's character from the BBC Office:

"Get out."

I'll take a break from writing any more long winded stuff tonight if you just listen to this now.

Night night.

Also, I just feel so awesome strutting around rocking my little sister's CalArts lanyard. Should I feel like a poseur? Probably. Do I? Uhh, no. She's my sister. Coolness by blood.

#calarts4evs #adoptedschool #pay4myphdplease? #A113club