FATHER'S DAY 2016 : Thank you, Becca and LeBron.

Fellow dudes with kids,

I don't know what your wives and girlfriends and husbands and significant others have done for you this Father's Day, but my wife just informed me that she called
Lebron James earlier this morning and asked him to win a championship for me. Which he just *SPOILER ALERT* just did.

A little dumbfounded right now that she did this! I saw him look at the camera and point at me and mouth the words "this is for you." I was just blown away that they did this for me. I have been a long time Cavaliers fan (since the beginning of this series), so it meant a lot. I never suspected my wife and LeBron James would collaborate on a Dad's Day gift for me.

Thank you both. Best game seven Finals I've seen in over 20 years. The bar has been set and I'm excited for Christmas and what surprises may be in store. Incredible present. I don't even know how they pulled this off together. A little teary right now.

With LeBron James and Becca Nutter Long