Crash course triplets (the fault our stars is probably one Tesla could have fixed).

Not trying to be mean,
one of them said.
But I think Hank Green is smarter than his brother John.

I also think,
the other one said.
That Hank is better looking than John.

the first chimed back in.
And he explains things better than John.

I have to admit,
the other one said.
That he does. Or actually he doesn't. I think John does. Maybe.

You know what?
one said.
I bet Daddy could be a triplet with them!

Oh yeah.
the other agreed.

How's that?
I asked.

I mean, we're all kind of awesome, but how specifically are me and Hank and John alike?

they pondered.
All three of you talk really fast when you're talking about history, and all of you wear short-sleeved shirts, and you like to read newspapers like they do, and you have curly hair.

I said.
I guess we are kind of triplets.