The day (Moby), plus ‘better than Julie.’

En route to say goodbye.


Daddy, daddy!
they shrilled.
Push us on the tire swing, push us FAST on the tire swing!!

I said.
Why should I push you? We're at a park. You're supposed to be playing, not swinging.

Because it's fun!
the shrilling continued.
And because you're good at pushing!

One of the two - I recognized her; I think she may have been my daughter - paused mid-shriek.

Yeah, you're a pretty good pusher,
she said.
Probably like the fourth best in the world.

I said.
Why not Top Three?

she said.
Julie Natiuk is the third best. One time she pushed us and she was very good at it. Better than you.

I said.
Fair enough. Who's got the top two spots then?

She shrugged.
I don't know. But I'm sure there's a couple people somewhere in the world I haven't met who are better at pushing than you.

I said.
I guess I could push you for a little bit. After all, you guys are on my Top 100 best children in the world list.

she shrieked.
Top hundred?!

I said.
Probably 93 and 94. Something like that.

Well who's higher than?”
she asked.

I don't know.
I said.
I haven't met all the children in the world, but there's probably some I'd like more.

she yelled.
and I started pushing. Higher and faster than they'd ever gone before. Because I'm the best...or at least best-ish. I'll take a Top 5 finish.

Props, Julie. Way to set the bar fairly high.