I used to think I was pretty good at multitasking,
but now science says I'm not.

I've also been thinking a lot about Mark Twain recently,
while simultaneously listening to an old Prodigy album that dove under my radar in 2009, and really isn't explosively good, but it's still explosive, and keeps my toes tapping and heart bobbing. It's exercise, which is allegedly good, according to science. I keep envisioning Mr. Twain and Albert Einstein hanging out and throwing dance parties and riding around on unicycles. I don't think it ever happened, or at least they never took a selfie of it happening. But I still imagine that it could have. As Sandi Patti sang so eloquently, in one of the rare songs she did without the Prodigy: "Another Time, Another Place." I've never really imagined her hanging out with anyone, besides the crew from Prodigy.

May you have someone cool and strange to hang out with today.