Gateways and conversation #47,319

It's difficult to say who has had more influence on me:

Gary Larson (The Far Side),

in learning about science and the role of humanity amongst all living organisms,

or Bill Watterson (Calvin and Hobbes),

in learning about philosophy and the role of children amongst amongst all living humans. And Zorgs.

So grateful for both. Every time I stumble upon a collection of one or the other, I end up crying myself with mirth.



I've always wondered,
he asked from the backseat.
how actors in movies, in really long movies, go to the bathroom.

His sister burst in before I could reply.
They don't shoot the whole movie all at once!
she said.
They say 'cut!' when they're shooting. So they can take breaks.

he persisted.
That would interrupt the movie.

And also,
he continued.
The flushing when people go to the bathroom would interrupt the movie and make it sound not very good.

his sister explained.
are different from plays. In a movie, you can take breaks. In a play, it's actually kind of easier, because if you were wearing a costume during the play and you had to go to the bathroom, you could just pee in your costume and nobody would probably know.

he said, pondering.

she laughed.
Peeing would be okay, but I don't think it would probably be a good idea to poop in a costume.