Joseph, 39 years ago we lived across the street from where Joshie now lives. Cute white house that holds a million memories. I'd been working at the Lillie Rice Center for a year after graduation from WWC, while Daddy finished college and applied to dental school. 23 years old, we were, and planning the move to Loma Linda for him to begin school again. We could hardly wait for you to come. You arrived at 1:11 am, bottom first, and landed at the top of our hearts. Wide-eyed and wide awake, you remained so for most of the next 24 hours, contrary to what we'd learned in our natural childbirth classes. (You still function on far less sleep than most!) We were smitten. Took you home next day. Tucked you in crib we bought for $7.00 from an ad in the nickel paper and then painted yellow. That lasted about two minutes. You slept with us, mostly. Late nights and nursing. Cloth diapers with duckie pins, rubber pants, lullabies, baby swing, music and dance, story and song. No car seat, no baby monitor, no BOB nor bottles. Pretty simple life, though it seemed complicated at times. Toted you in front pack and soon, a blue back pack. Cuddled you to my heart, then and forever. We had who we wanted and dreamed of--YOU! Happy birthday! Forever and always, your Mama. xoxo

p.s. can't get my picture of "us" to download. Will try again soon. xoxo