Early 70s, Caucasian, tall, mustache, one guy doing 98% of talking:

These people on social media are making tons and tons of fucking money. Companies are paying astronomical amounts of money to do little clips, like advertising stuff. They'll have, like, three million followers, and they'll get paid for these endorsements.

Kids now, they have all this social media stuff, and there's only so many months in a year, I mean, you have all these friends and how do you keep track of them? I mean really?

We have this place out in the country, and you know, I don't know that we've gotten mail out of that box but maybe ten goddamn times in the last couple years.

Another thing, I was helping my wife clean out the garage, and I get so pissy. I just start throwing stuff away. What do you do with old cellphones? I'll tell you: I smash 'em. I just smash 'em. What else are you gonna do with them? Started doing it with fucking cameras too. Just smash 'em. What do you need all this shit for? No point.

And her closet? I swear she's got stuff in there she hasn't worn for shit, fifteen or twenty years!

I am a bipolar guy. I know it. Everybody has mood swings, but I have been in a pissy mood the past week, because I know I get testy. I get down in the shop, tooling around, and I'll put something down and won't be paying attention, and lose track of it, and I'll just get pissy. Or I'll stack wood and it'll fall down, and I just explode. I picked up my lawnmower and just threw it because I was pissed. That's really when I got on a cleaning up purge, getting rid of stuff and shit. I just had to. My goal is to...we got a drawer in the kitchen, above our little bar setup. I swear to God, you would be amazed at shit that's in there. Any kind of battery. Clips. Fingernail clippers, sunglasses, scattered, it's a fucking maze. Drives me nuts.

I took a whole big TV set, an awning from our deck...I took all this stuff to this place - not yard debris or food stuff - and they have these huge big fucking things, and I had a huge double paned window, and threw it in there, and they just come in and swoop it up and there's mounds and mounds of garbage and debris that goes in some landfill somewhere.

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