CONVERSATIONS. Craigslist, bike racks, Denmark.

Are you Joseph?
she called out from across NE Williams, before darting across.

I greeted her as she joined me by her Prius.
And you must be Jessica.

she said, and gestured to the bike rack hanging off her car.
So...this is it. Any questions?

Are you firm on $75?
I asked.
Would you take $65?

Her face scrunched up:
Yeah, I actually am firm. Is that okay?

I think so.
I said, smiling.
Had to ask. So why are you selling it?

she said.
It's been great for the last couple years. But now we're moving in two weeks.

Oh yeah?
I said.
Where to?

My company is relocating half of us to Denmark, 
she said.

I said, making no attempt to disguise my envious excitement.
Copenhagen is one of the top five cities in the world I want to visit!

she said, smiling.
That's where I'm moving to!

I shook my head.
That is so awesome. What company?

It's a publishing company,
she said.
Kinship magazine. Have you heard of it? Lifestyle, that sort of thing?

Heard of it, haven't read it.
I said.
Not yet. Anyway, yeah, I'll take the bike rack.

I handed over a wad of cash.
Should be seventy-five there.

She stuffed it away without looking or counting it.
I trust you.

I said.
I'm guessing our paths may not cross in the immediate future, so have a fantastic new adventure in Denmark!

she said, black hair fluttering in the gentle Portland morning breeze.
Enjoy the rack, hope it works out well for you!

I said.
And trudged back to my motorcar to attach it.

It attached well, and will serve us well, as we transport bicycles around the United States, or at least a corner of the United States, and I hope to someday bicycle with my family in Denmark, and I will try to be happy when cool things happen to kind people, like my fleeting Craigslist friend Jessica, and I will continue to be happy that I got a two hundred and seventy dollar three-bike rack for seventy-five bucks.

Or sixty-five. Hopefully I gave her the right amount...


1. Our son woke up this morning first thing wanting to practice riding his bicycle. "I'm getting really good at bike riding, Daddy, I think I'm ready to buy a mountain bike now."

2. We are the proud foster parents of four alpacas, as of this evening:
Dolly, Brown Sugar, Sally, and Mauve. 

3. Loving: Chappo and Caravan Palace.

4. Watching the Adam Sandler/Drew Barrymore romcom "Blended." Messy, predictable script, but there's something about the chemistry between them that's captivating and charming...

5. Allegedly this is the driest summer since 1960-something. It's a warm one.

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