I have a clear memory of the first Queen song I ever heard. It was - and I'm foggy on which one - either Bicycle Race (thanks John at Cheddar Records, late '80s) or One Vision (thanks Iron Eagle soundtrack, probably purchased at Cheddar Records).

The children have recently discovered the glorious octavic brilliance of Freddie Mercury, and I have tried to embrace that feeling of newness; of trying to imagine I have not, in fact, heard Another One Bites the Dust, or Under Pressure, or We Will Rock You, or I Want to Break Free one hundred billion times (that number is, honestly, an exaggeration by at least half). The point is - and this is a key point in why the idea of childhood is so important throughout your entire life - is that there's always something exuberant to find joy and newness in; consciously searching out fresh lenses and ways of appreciating old things in a new light, in a childlike way, is such a great way to enjoy so many things, from music to relationships to films to ideas, that have become commonplace due to saturation...but it doesn't mean they can't be enjoyed again. In a different way, with a little deliberate effort.

I never thought I would be able to hear the one-two punch of We Will Rock You-seguing into We Are the Champions again without feeling resignation and soul-weariness, after experiencing it over and over and over and over...

But now...looks like I'm entering a fresh Queen era in my life, due to the childrens' enthusiastic repeat playing. So, embracing it. Looks like they will be this year's summer soundtrack for history. Double disc Greatest Hits, then we'll work back to the lesser-known album tracks where there's still a few underplayed jewels hanging out. Rock and roll, today, Freddie. We are the champions, and it's a good day to sing really loud. We have been rocked. Now let's rock.

And your first Queen listening was _______?

Bicycle Race

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