Oh fine. Many* of you have contacted me requesting that I do more writing about politics. Okay. I have held out, but I'll do it now, I will serve because apparently there is a void to be filled. If other people aren't going to share their opinions about politics and government, then I feel - and many seem to feel I must - that I must. At least one voice speaking out about what's going on. So the first thing I've learned today is this (see below):

Jed Bush is running for President.***

He is apparently a fellow who lives in Florida and has promised to either return things to being better, or make them more better than they are now, and it's refreshing to hear a politician say that. To have the confidence and intuition to believe that things could be better. I know very little about him at this point, other than that he's visited the White House before, so he probably knows where things are (experience!), and I'm not sure where he works, but hopefully he'll be able to take enough time off work to spend running for office, because it can take significant investments of time and money to run. So hopefully he has a realistic idea of the difficult and potholed road ahead, and hopefully if he doesn't win, his boss will let him return so he won't be jobless.

That's almost all I know about Jed, but I'll try to uncover/discover more so I can post many, many times over the coming months.

With humble commitment to serving the public good in the spirit of journalistic integrity and intellectual daringness,

Joseph Long

*almost no one**
**no one
***of the United States****
****of America

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